Massage Therapy

Our massage therapists have years of training in the therapeutic massage realm. Each therapist utilizes multiple techniques each session based on each person and each session and their needs for a truly one-of-a-kind wellness experience.
In addition to massage therapy, our therapists are trained to utilize stretching and active release within sessions if necessary. Some types of techniques are as follows:


Swedish Massage

The most common type of massage is Swedish massage therapy. It involves soft, long, kneading strokes, as well as light, rhythmic, tapping strokes, on topmost layers of muscles. This is also combined with the movement of the joints. By relieving muscle tension, Swedish therapy can be both relaxing and energizing. And it may even help after an injury.


Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is best for giving attention to certain painful, stiff “trouble spots” in your body. The massage therapist uses slow, deliberate strokes that focus pressure on layers of muscles, tendons, or other tissues deep under your skin. Though less rhythmic than other types of massage, deep tissue massage may be therapeutic — relieving chronic patterns of tension and helping with muscle injuries, such as a back sprain.


Sports Massage

Developed to help with muscle systems used for a particular sport, sports massage uses a variety of approaches to help athletes in training — before, during, or after sports events. You might use it to promote flexibility and help prevent injuries. Or, it may help muscle strains, aiding healing after a sports injury.


Lymphatic Drainage Massage

A lymphatic drainage massage is a gentle massage of your tissues designed to help increase the circulation of lymph fluids in your body.  Lymph is a protein-rich fluid that moves throughout your body in lymph vessels. It scoops up things like bacteria, viruses, and waste, and carries them to your lymph nodes. Your lymph nodes then filter the fluid to get the impurities out of your body. The massage is usually done with light pressure with gentle, long strokes along the skin to increase the movement of lymph through your system.


Hot Stone Massage

For this kind of massage, the therapist places warmed stones on certain areas of the body, such as acupressure points. The stones may be used as massage tools or be temporarily left in place. Used along with other massage techniques, hot stones can be quite soothing and relaxing as they transmit heat deep into the body.



Reflexology uses hand, thumb, and finger techniques to stimulate certain areas of the feet. These areas are believed to correspond to different parts of the body. The massage, then, is expected to promote health and well-being.


Pregnancy Massage

During pregnancy, your body goes through major changes. Pregnancy massage can help with these changes by reducing stress, decreasing arm and leg swelling, and relieving muscle and joint pain. Massage may be particularly helpful during a time when medication and other medical options may be more limited. Using specially designed massage pillows, the massage therapist will help get you into a comfortable position for this type of massage.

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    • 1 Session – $80

    • 4 Sessions – $300

    • 8 Sessions – $600

    • 12 Sessions – $900

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    • 1 Session – $110

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What Sets Vetted Apart

  • Our clients are like our family. We want to help them be healthier physically and mentally. We recognize that clients will have difficulties beyond our scope of practice. We have trusted referral partners we will connect them with to get the treatment they need to make optimal progress.
  • We have deep respect for military, veteran, first responder, and medical workers and offer discounted rates to them. We want to be a support line to help take care of them so they can keep helping our community.
  • Vetted is committed to helping Gold Star families with physical and mental support providing the same discounts for them as we do their military counterparts.