About us

Vetted is a health and wellness clinic that focuses on tailored Therapeutic Massage and Corrective Exercise Training.


Vetted is owned and operated by two Army Veterans who know how important protocols and consistency are to health and wellness. We take your visits past the one-size-fits-all collective and truly tailor things to your needs and your body. In addition to our main services, Vetted also offers nutritional counseling and stretching services. You can feel better and you can achieve your health and wellness goals. Vetted’s Tried & True Movement will have you glad you decided to come to hang out with us.


We have a strong mental health focus on our protocols and have resources readily available for counseling if anyone feels that need. Vetted also works closely with chiropractic and physical therapy care and can make professional recommendations to our clients for further care. Our philosophy is that each person is going to be different from the next and may not match up with everything we offer. We have built many community relationships with many others in the health and wellness industry so we can refer out if necessary. Vetted does not believe in taking away from the value of our clients if we are not a good fit for them and can confidently align them with the care that works best for them. If you are a great fit for us, then we will work hard to get your goals met and be a cheering squad for you along the way.

Let us help improve yourself and feel your best!

Vetted uses Therapeutic and Medical Massage Therapy to determine the problem areas. From there, our Licensed Massage Therapists will make recommendations for further massage or a free evaluation with our Corrective Exercise Specialist. Focus on form, technique, and recovery gives us the leading edge in the industry. Our clients feel heard, respected, and cared for. Vetted wants to be a community for everyone and especially Veterans & Active Duty Military, First Responders, Law Enforcement, and Medical Specialists. We offer discounted rates for these special clients since they spend their time caring for and protecting others.


In addition to our other services, Nutrition Counseling is generally a complimentary service if you are already a client. No judgment on anyone ever. Clear and concise counseling helps our clients to consider better options for nutrition and their overall health. A Dietary Supplement Advisor on staff can recommend vitamins, minerals, and supplements to enhance training and recovery. Life is hard enough. Vetted is here to do the vetting for you! We take the guesswork out of moving and health to give our clients better quality of life and relief from stress and pain. As people, we tend to overthink and overcomplicate everything in life. Come join the Vetted Crew and breathe easier knowing that we have done the hard part and you just have to show up! We look forward to meeting with anyone looking to make a change and hope that you’ll make the decision to join the awesome Vetted Crew!

Our Team

Our Team is made up of Kris Howe and Jessica Sheperd, each well experienced in their fields of Massage Therapy and Personal Training
Kris Howe
Massage Therapist
Jessica Shepherd
Administrative Coordinator